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Our Company Profile:

Unigas is one of the leading distributors of LP gas in Bangladesh. With one of the largest distribution network in Bangladesh, we have lead the revolution in LPG distribution and journeyed ahead to become a key player across customer segments including Industrial, Commercial, Domestic and Auto LPG. Our LPG products and solutions are used in various capacities throughout a wide range of industries. We provide turnkey solutions for high-volume commercial usage by restaurants, hotels and other hospitality industries. Our state of the art facilities and distribution network ensures safe, mobile and just-in-time delivery.

Unigas play a crucial role when it comes to changing the face of domestic fuels used for cooking. Unigas LPG offers 12 KG, 35 KG & 45 KG Cylinders to cater to households. Unigas maintains European Standards in terms of manufacturing and bottling that ensure our promise to deliver high safety standards.  The efficient heating technology, portability and transportability, coupled with our excellent customer service make it a convenient option for consumers. Every cylinder is marketed with an imported valve, branded safety cap & security seal. 

Unigas caters to large scale industrial operations as well. Our team of engineers and consultants take on challenges and provide solutions based on your factory’s technical, logistics and custom needs. We are distributing bulk LPG tanks and connected LPG banks to power factories and industrial spaces in Bangladesh.

Our team is trained, and possess a wealth of knowledge in LPG sector, all of which makes us uniquely equipped to answer customer queries and provide efficient solutions. However, Unigas’ operation efficiency is made possible via the commitment by our team of technical & non-technical personnel who live by the Unigas mantras of integrity, teamwork and customer service excellence.